Deuter Backpacking

Deuter Backpacking

A long history of expeditions

Deuter has been producing backpacking packs for climbing and mountaineering expeditions since the 1920s. For nearly 100 years, we've been obsessed with the details to make sure that every one of our packs offers the most comfort with the best usable features and organization. Our backpacking packs have been slowly perfected into the Futura Air Trek, the Aircontact Lite, the Aircontact, and the Aircontact Pro. Read on to find out what makes each pack unique.

Futura Air Trek

The Futura Air Trek combines unparalleled breathability, adjustability, comfort, and features into one package. Featuring the Aircomfort back panel, perspiration is reduced by 25% compared to a full contact back system. Wide, padded hip fins, with a pocket on each side, provide support and stability through the aluminum frame. Straps and side stretch mesh pockets provide plenty of storage and carry options for hard-to-pack items, while inner and outer brain pockets, a sleeping bag compartment and front stretch compartment provide unparalleled organization - so you can always quickly find your shell during that surprise rain shower.

Aircontact Lite: A minimalist's Dream

Would you rather throw a tarp over a trekking pole than pitch a tent? Do you weigh everything in your pack? Then the Aircontact Lite is for you! For fast and light overnights and week trips, the Aircontact Lite will always be your most willing partner.

Aircontact: Overnight Workhorse

The Aircontact series of backpacks is the bread and butter of backpackers the world over. Sturdy, able to handle heavier loads, and available in a wide range of sizes, there's no trek Aircontact can't handle.

Aircontact Pro: Expedition Leader

New for 2020, the redesigned Aircontact Pro backpacks are nearly a pound lighter per pack, with all of the same capabilities. Still able to carry 30kg comfortably, their voluminous size is perfect for backcountry expeditions to bag peaks, or for treks through highly variable climates.